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Peter M. Rehon

Peter M. Rehon

Peter M. Rehon received his law degree in 1981 from Hastings College of the Law where he was the Senior Articles Editor for the Constitutional Law Quarterly. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Mr. Rehon previously practiced bank and finance litigation as a partner with the Palo Alto office of Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, where he co-chaired the firm's state-wide litigation department, and as a partner with the San Jose office of Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger. Mr. Rehon also practiced public and private sector labor law at the law firm of Beeson, Tayer, Kovach & Silbert and, previous to that, was a board agent for Region 20 of the National Labor Relations Board in San Francisco.

Mr. Rehon has authored three Action Guides for the California Continuing Education of the Bar program, Obtaining a Writ of Attachment (7th ed. 2009), Obtaining an Injunction (4th ed. 2000), Obtaining a Writ of Possession (4th ed. 2004), was a consultant on the CEB Action Guide, Obtaining the Appointment of a Receiver (1993). Mr. Rehon also authored "The Law of Equitable Subordination," 108 The Banking Law Journal 536 (1991) as well as "The Pension Expectation as Constitutional Property," 8 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 15 (1980). 

Mr. Rehon has been an instructor for the University of California Extension Program and a panelist in programs put on by the California Bankers Association, the Santa Clara County Bar Association, the National Business Institute and various private organizations. He is a member of the State Bar of California, the San Joaquin County Bar Association and the Santa Clara County Bar Association.

Practice Areas:
Banking and Financial Institutions
Bankruptcy/Creditors' Rights
Real Estate
Trial & Appellate Court Litigation


A representative list of trial and appellate decisions in which Mr. Rehon has been involved includes:

Published Decisions:

Bank of America v. Salinas Nissan, Inc. (1989) 207 Cal.App.3d 260 [254 Cal.Rptr.748] (Representing Plaintiff and Respondent Bank of America).

Billmeyer v. Plaza Bank of Commerce (1995) 42 Cal.App.4th 1086 [50 Cal.Rptr.2d 119] (Representing Defendants and Respondents Plaza Bank of Commerce and Pamela G. Bogle).

Bily v. Arthur Young & Company (1992) 3 Cal.4th 370 [11 Cal.Rptr.2d 51] (Representing amici curiae California Bankers Association).

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. v. Toyama Partners, LLC (N.D.Cal.2012) 875 F.Supp.2d 1058 (Representing Toyama Partners in obtaining ruling holding that Dollar Tree’s liquidated damages clause in its lease is an unenforceable penalty provision)

Gallagher v. Dillon Group 2003-I (N.D.Cal. 2010) __ F.Supp.2d ___, 2010 U.S.Dist LEXIS 33054 (Representing the Dillon Group entities, the Vanguard Public Foundation, Danny L. Glover, and others in obtaining ruling dismissing fraud action under the Colorado River doctrine)

Great American First Savings Bank v. Bayside Developers (1991) 232 Cal.App.3d 1546 [284 Cal.Rptr. 194], ordered decertified (March 12, 1992) (Representing party seeking decertification, California Bankers Association).

In re Albert Hakim (Bk. N.D. Cal. 1997) 212 B.R. 632 (Representing Debtor Albert Hakim).

Marchbrook Building Company v. Souchek (2003) 112 Cal.App.4th 315 [4 Cal.Rptr.3d 874], review denied and ordered depublished (Representing Plaintiff and Appellant Marchbrook Building Company).

Title Insurance Company of Minnesota v. Comerica Bank-California (1994) 27 Cal.App. 4th 800 [32 Cal.Rptr.2d 735] (Representing Defendant and Respondent Comerica Bank-California).

Transamerica Title Insurance Company v. Superior Court (1987) 188 Cal.App.3d 1047 [233 Cal Rptr. 825] (Representing Plaintiff and Real Party in Interest Bank of the West).

Variable-Parameter Fixture Development Corporation v. Comerica Bank - California (In re Morpheus Lights, Inc.) (Bk.N.D. Cal. 1998) 228 B.R. 449 (Representing Defendant Comerica Bank-California).

Unpublished Decisions:

Frog Creek Partners, LLC v. Vance Brown, Inc (2006) Cal. Ct. Appeal, First App. Dist., case no. A111059 (Representing Plaintiff and Respondent Frog Creek in action for fraud and breach of contract; Order denying motion to compel arbitration affirmed on appeal).

Frog Creek Partners, LLC v. Vance Brown, Inc. (2007) Cal. Ct. Appeal, First App. Dist., case no., A116800 (Representing Plaintiff and Respondent Frog Creek in action for fraud and breach of contract; Order denying motion to compel arbitration reversed on appeal).

Kaffer v. Herpick (1998) Cal. Ct. Appeal, Sixth App. Dist., case no. H016525 (Representing Defendants and Respondents Comerica Bank California and Pacific Western Bank in fraud and conspiracy class action arising out of the Century Loan Corporation fraud; judgment in favor of the Banks affirmed).

Perlegos, et al. v. Frontier Land Companies (2009) Cal. Ct. Appeal, Third App. Dist., case no. C054852 (Representing Defendant and Respondent Frontier Land Companies in an action seeking to rescind a purchase and sale agreement based on unilateral mistake, fraud, and failure of consideration, and for declaratory relief).

Reedy v. Sasser (1998) Cal. Ct. Appeal, Third App. Dist., case no. C026950 (Representing Defendant and Respondent Grupe Development Associates in breach of contract action; judgment in favor of Grupe Development Associates affirmed).

Scott v. Taylor (1994) (1994) Cal. Ct. Appeal, Sixth App. Dist., case no. H009720, review denied (Representing Defendant and Respondent CityTeam Ministries in appeal challenging the right of the City of San Jose to provide redevelopment funds to a faith-based homeless shelter under the Establishment Clause and Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution; judgment in favor of CityTeam Ministries affirmed).

Topol v. Safeway, Inc., et al. (2008) Cal. Ct. Appeal, Third App. Dist., case no. C056740 (Representing Defendant and Respondent Safeway, Inc. in an action seeking declaratory relief and specific performance of an option to purchase real property).